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Welcome to mat-to-fore


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mat-to-fore is a charity based in Ghana and supported in the UK. It was conceived in the hearts of Directors, Osei and Florence Akoto (pictured below) many years ago. Read more about their experience of Ghana here...

They say "We felt led to set up this organisation with the sole aim of lifting people up from the ‘mat of life’ onto the ‘fore-front of life". Our belief is that, given love and care, every person in any part of the world, in spite of their poor background, disadvantage, or disability, can lift themselves up. Everyone can be an achiever, with a little bit of help and encouragement."

Our objective

  • To demonstrate the love of God in every practical way possible, and thereby encourage people to turn to God for a more fulfilling life that will begin here on earth and continue in eternity.
  • To care for the needs of orphans among the street children, the population of which is growing at an alarming rate in Ghana, and the whole of Africa .
  • Providing a safe and homely environment within which children who have known only abandonment, neglect and poor prospects can be empowered and nurtured.
  • To assist and encourage people with disabilities to live a dignified and rewarding life.
  • To support the poor, disenfranchised and disadvantaged of society, particularly those locked up in a circle of poverty in the villages in Ghana.
  • To raise awareness of the plight of orphans, people with disabilities and the poor within faith groups, social organisations, business communities and government agencies.
  • To partner with any person or organisation of similar vision in order to advance the cause of the mission more effectively.

Key dates and events

  • Oct 2008 - pre-school opens on the mat-to-fore site in Kotei with 30 children enrolled.
  • 2008mat-to-fore becomes a registered charity in the UK.
  • 2007mat-to-fore becomes a registered company in the UK.
  • 2006 – Volunteer teams from the UK visit Osei and Florence to encourage the progress of numerous projects. A bore-hole is drilled and a hand pump fitted on it to provide a well of fresh and clean water for the villagers of Kotei.
  • 2005 – Osei and Florence leave for Ghana as the vision of mat-to-fore becomes a reality through what can only be described as miraculous interventions!

    This was the year that the UK government began implementing the targets set by its Africa Commission. It was also the year that the global ‘Make Poverty History’ campaign was launched, with its unique focus upon eradicating poverty in Africa… a significant year in all!
  • 2004mat-to-fore is registered as a Non Government Organisation (NGO) in Ghana.

Have a look at the rest of this website to learn more about the exciting work of mat-to-fore. You can make a one-off donation and keep up to date with recent developements by signing up for our newsletter on this page.

God richly bless you for your interest and support – Osei and Florence Akoto