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Mat-to-fore is so grateful to those who were part of the 2009 summer team, and also to those who have been involved in many different ways over the last three-and-a-half years. You have made a BIG difference to the lives of the villagers in Kotei!

“…your labour in the Lord is not in vain”

1 Cor 15:58

Mat-to-fore is always open for more people to come on board as we seek to minister to those in need.

Do you have a passion for spreading the word here in the UK?

Do you have a burning desire to get your hands dirty by going to Ghana and helping on-site?

Do you have skills or experience in the charitable sector?

Do you feel you could help us in applying for grants and funding?

Could you help update and improve our website?

These are just some of the ways you could give of your time and skills to help our cause. What do YOU have to offer?
Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you would like to get involved.

Volunteer teams have been instrumental in the work of mat-to-fore since the beginning – to date, 5 different groups of volunteers have travelled to Ghana to get their hands dirty and their feet wet!

From teenagers to health professionals, architects to musicians – all have brought their individual skills and abilities, and most of all love, to the project and the village of Kotei.

Some of the things the teams have been involved in are:

• Choosing the plot of land
• Building relationship with the villagers
• Designing and building
• Medical care and hygiene
• Spending time with and teaching the village
• Looking after the land and crops

As well as giving out, volunteers often return home with a real sense of having received back and been blessed by their involvement in the project, whether it has been their first taste of another culture or they are a seasoned traveller.

'Strolling through the village late one afternoon, a man called me over and gestured for me to sit on his bench with him. I was tired, and dirty at the end of another long day and honestly quite reluctant. His wife soon presented a genuinely beautiful dish of food however and they both happily watched me eat it. With none of us speaking the others language they communicated through remarkable gesture of hospitality what they couldn't communicate with words. This simple powerful gesture of appreciation for the love God has shown to them through us has remained with me as a lasting token of encouragement to persevere with our work in the community.'
(Chris, architect, team member summer 06 and 07)

'I’ll never forget our first arrival at the village. As the van approached the cluster of homes we could hear shouting and suddenly 10-15 small children were running towards us and alongside us. They crowded around, their curiosity and delight at our visit evident on their faces. That set the pattern for every visit during our stay.’
(Audrey, musician, team member summer 06)