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Current Projects

Summer 2011

Two groups visit Mat-to-Fore to build the first foster homes.


Our trustees Chris and Gareth and their new wives Emma and Lucy have been leading groups of volunteers in building our first purpose built foster homes.

Their first task was to complete the admin block and library, the foundations for this building were set in 2008 and now three years later the interior was completed.


The team also were surveying the plot for the first foster homes and getting the site levelled. Once the foundations had be dug and laid with cement block, the walls constructed with mud brick are being built as I write this. The aim is complete the walls and roof in the next two months, this will take £5000 which will exhaust our funds. Time to get fundraising again!


Chris and Emma have just returned from Ghana and a fuller report and pictures will be posted soon.


Our prayers and best wishes are with Gareth and Lucy and they continue the work.

As always our prayers and thanks are with Osei and Florence without whom this project would not exist.

Simon Owen 20/9/2011


Steaming ahead...June 2010


The Mat-to-fore site has been a hive of activity over the last two months. Not only is the new building almost ready for habitation, but we have introduced running water to Kotei!


A pump has been fitted to the well on-site, which will pump the water into the 500 gallon tank seen on the concrete tower below, which in turn will supply the toilet block, showers, and water points. What a blessing!



And here is the new block, which will soon have the interior wired, plastered and painted ready for use as admin block and library.

A home in the making


March saw building of the admin block and library recommence. Here are some photos of the progress...


Christmas in Kotei

Osei and Florence, together with pre-school staff, pulled out all the stops and marked Christmas with a special party for the pre-school children - complete with balloons, a special meal, and a bottle of pop for every child! Christmas gifts were also distributed - t-shirts and schoolbags that were taken over by recent volunteers from the UK.

The orphans living in the village were remembered too, and given food supplies such as rice and canned goods to help them celebrate the season.


We are also pleased to announce that a couple of our pre-school students have now moved up to attend Primary School in the next village. In fact, one was straight away promoted to Primary 2! A big well done to the students and to the staff of the pre-school for preparing them so well.